USB 3.0 SSD : SuperSpeed Solid-State Drives

USB 3.0 Flash Drives For Mac : SSD On A Stick

USB thumb drives are undergoing a major transformation. We're seeing a new generation of SuperSpeed USB3 keychain drives really pushing the edge of performance and delivering much, much faster file copy speeds than ever before.

On SELECT MODELS of USB 3.0 flash drives we're seeing more sophisticated engineering, extremely fast and high-density NAND flash memory chips and advanced multi-channel controller chipsets that's more reminiscent of a state of the art SSD drive than that of previous generation USB 2.0 thumb drives. We're also seeing larger capacities in a keychain drive now hitting 128GB and 256GB and beyond at reasonably affordable prices.

Patriot SuperSonic Magnum

Read Speeds Over 200 MBps

Corsair Voyager GS

Read Speeds Up To 260MBps

The above SuperSpeed USB 3.0 thumb drives deliver outstanding Read/Write performance that smokes anything from the USB 2.0 generation of drives. With larger capacities above 64GB available, many Apple Mac desktop and MacBook laptop owners will find these to be excellent USB 3.0 Mac backup solutions to make transferring, protecting or restoring your Apple computer's data a breeze.

DIY USB 3.0 SSD Mac Backup Drive Options

DIY USB 3 Backup Drive
Many a Mac user might be interested in building their own DIY SSD backup drive solution - and there's good reason to do so. Given how insanely competitive the off-the-shelf solid-state drive market has become, there's plenty of choices of exceptionally fast laptop size 2.5" flash memory drives to choose from to take advantage of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 available bandwidth.

Particularly for those who have an Apple Mac mini, iMac or MacBook Pro or Air that already has an internal SSD or Apple Fusion Drive - you'll want an equally fast external USB 3.0 ssd drive to make TimeMachine backups and file copies to an external drive a breeze.

Big N' Fast Bare SSD Drive

SSD Capacities To 1 Terabyte!

As to your choice of bare SSD brands and models to choose from, there's so little price difference these days that you might as well opt for some of the fastest SATA III SSD drives currently out there: We have 3 top recommendations for 2014: The Samsung 840 EVO series which generally outperforms all other drives on the planet, close behind is OCZ's VECTOR series, or lastly Crucial's M500 series which delivers some of the best performance at the lowest cost per gigabyte. Remember LARGER drives (256GB+) which can interleave reads - and particularly writes across multiple banks of NAND flash are noticeably faster than smaller 64GB/128GB drives. Bigger is better for a SSD drive upgrade or DIY backup drive choice.

USB 3 Enclosure

Screwless Design

Building your own DIY USB3 SSD can be very affordable and easy. There's no shortage of laptop-size USB 3.0 external drive enclosures, many of which only cost about $10 to $20 USD. Of note, after years of building external drive cases with typically a couple of tiny screws involved - many manufacturers are now delivering innovative snap-together solutions that let you convert a bare SSD to a backup SSD drive in seconds with no tools required.

Instant USB 3.0 SSD Drive

Snap-On Drive Cable

Some may not need or want the aesthetics of a sleek, sexy drive enclosure and might simply opt for the functional convenience of a simple USB 3.0 Drive Transfer Cable or USB 3.0 Drive Dock that simply plugs into the SATA solid-state drive of your choosing. Regardless, check the case or dock's specifications closely to make sure they support true SATA III - 6Gbps transfers -- and aren't older models that only support 3Gbps SATA II or I maximum transfer rates.

USB 3 SSD For Mac : Stylish LaCie Portable SSD Drive

LaCie has long been one of the leading companies for high-performance data storage solutions for the Mac (and PC) platform . They're also known for their innovative Porsche product designs which are highly appealing to consumers. For those shopping for and wanting to by a great looking and slim USB 3.0 SSD portable backup drive, here's their latest offering:

LaCie Porsche SSD

Slim Laptop Backup

Currently offered in only a 128Gb version, this USB3 laptop SSD drive a good match for many of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops that have their own 64GB or 128GB internal SSD drive. I personally use this USB3 solid-state drive with my MacBook Air - and it's just a JOY to experience an SSD-To-SSD backup in a fraction of the time it used to take with mechanical spinning platter drives.

USB 3.0 SSD For Mac : Oyen Digital Portable SSD Drive

Newcomer Oyen Digital is emerging as a leader in USB 3.0 drives and bare drive enclosures. They're also getting into the Apple ThunderBolt storage device market as well. Here's one of their USB 3.0 SSD drives for speedy, silent, and low-power Mac backups:

Oyen Digital SSD

Low Profile Backup

Oyen's current solid-state drive offerings include both a 128 and 256 SSD version depending on your computer's data storage needs and your budget.

Cheap USB 3.0 SSD For Mac : MyDigital SSD Drives

Coming in with some of the lowest costs per gigabyte, the MyDigital series of solid-state portable backup drives offer a lot of bang for the buck. They're ideal Apple Time Machine backup drives for MacBook laptops and desktops with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports.

MyDigital USB3 SSD

Capacities To 512GB

Offered in 128, 256 and 512GB capacities, the 512GB model delivers more storage than most at a current cost of only $0.60 cents per Gigabyte. As with all USB 3.0 drives they're backward compatible with slower USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 ports for exchanging data with other Macs old and new.

MacBooks With USB 3.0 Ports and SSD Drives

Arguably, the debut of USB 3.0 connectors on Apple MacBook notebook computers is an important stage to the future of SuperSpeed peripherals and accessories for Macintosh personal computer. Allowing up to 10 times the potential performance bandwidth over USB2, USB 3.0 SuperSpeed promises to deliver vastly improved performance for a wide assortment of computer system peripherals - especially external USB 3.0 SSD drives. And it's backward compatibility with older USB 2.0 gadgets and add-ons guarantees it will be a fairly effortless turning point and transition to the USB3 SuperSpeed future.

Just before this article was written, Apple announced that it's now shipping dual ported USB 3.0 Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and the new Retina Display MacBook Pro products. Both the Air and Retina Display MacBooks have internal SSD storage as standard. It's expected that before the end of the year Apple will likely also be revising it's iMac and Mac mini desktop computer models to include USB 3.0 supported ports. Apple has also indicated that in early next year the Macintosh Pro tower will get a critical revision that will also include both ThunderBolt and USB 3.0 interface additions.

Aside from USB 3.0 cables, adapter cards, and USB device sharing hubs, the external USB 3.0 SSD and hard drive market for transportable and desktop data backup drives has already made major steps towards the change to USB 3.0 interfaces. A extensive variety of SuperSpeed HDD backup solutions are currently on the market, several USB 3 SSD drives exist, and that also includes things like USB 3.0 memory card readers and very fast USB 3 keychain and thumb drives.

A broader array of other types of USB 3.0 enabled Mac personal computer add-ons haven't yet reached the marketplace. Even so, we can anticipate additional items such as USB 3.0 printers and scanners, USB 3.0 computer TV tuners, web cameras, and SuperSpeed audio and digital video recording gear to reach the marketplace in the months ahead that will be good for both Macintosh and Windows PC consumers as USB 3.0 availability explodes across the computing world.

Verbatim USB 3.0 Port External SSD

Verbatim Store 'N' Go SSD

USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Interface

• Up to 160 MB/sec Read and 120 MB/sec Write speeds
• USB 3.0 speeds for maximum performance
• 100% backward-compatible with existing USB 2.0 ports
• Shock resistant and reliable Solid-State design
• Low power consumption to conserve laptop battery life
• Covered by a 3-year limited warranty

SuperSpeed USB 3.0 SSD Keychain Drives

USB 3.0 and Solid-State flash memory drives are a match made in heaven. Freed from our conventional notions of spinning -platter drives, 'Backup Drives' no longer need to be slabs of storage the size of a book or deck of cards. Here, SuperSpeed USB3 keychain drives that blow the roof off of previous USB2 generation flash drives.

USB 3.0 SSD Flash Drive

Quad-Channel Technology

With a single-chip USB 3.0 flash memory controller with Quad-Channel technology, the Patriot Supersonic USB 3.0 thumb-drive delivers sequential read performance at speeds up to 100MB/s and up to 70MB/s sequential write speeds - cleanly outperforming external spinning platter hard drive backup solutions.

USB 3.0 Portable SSD Backup Drive From Adata

ADATA is shipping an awesome external SSD that's benching data transfer rates up to 95 MB/s for read and write functions – about three times faster than conventional external hard drives with a USB 2.0 interface.
External 2.5
The ADATA Nobility N002 USB 3.0 SSD 128 GB 2.5-Inch SATA I/II and USB 3.0 Solid State Drive.

OCZ Ships Their First USB3 External Hard Drive

The top-end models of the OCZ Enyo USB 3.0 SSD clock at a maximum of 260MB/s read and 200MB/s write. Pretty impressive. Do note though - and this is common with any SSD - larger size drives perform better than smaller models. Why? Because of having more data channels and multiple banks of NAND MLC flash to access simultaneously. With solid-state drives, bigger IS better, the smallest 64GB model of the Enyo line does 135MB/s read - but only 40MB/s writes. So if you can, buy up to the128 or 256GB models - they're better matched to the performance USB3 can deliver.
Mac USB 3.0 Solid State Exernal Drives